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CUEA, Shaping your Career!

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) is a leading chartered private university (2019 University Webometrics) accredited by Commission for University Education in Kenya.  Like most other Universities, it started modestly as a graduate

Role of Parents in Career Guidance

For children to develop and succeed in a career or at the work place, a collaborative relationship between the school, the child and the parent is vital. In most cases, parents abdicate their role and instead entrust the whole journey of academic and


A message to Donors |  Well Wisher The Mariakani Primary fraternity would wish to site to the willing Donors & well wisher that the school is located in Slums area around Marigui-ini slims where most of the pupils are vulnerable in away or


School Facilities The school has specious Classrooms constructed by stone block. The classroom are well ventilated and have good stair cases which allows free and convenient movement from downstairs to upstairs. The school has also good well main


GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING The club was formed by Jennifer Lutta in 2015. The Club recently is led by the same teacher. The main objectives of the club is to understand more of the pupils  welfare how to administer some guidance to the rest of th


  RED CROSS The club as formed in 2014 by Margaret MWANGI. THE CLUB TODAY IS LED BY Grace Ngugi as the Patron of the Club. The main activities carried include first Aid, Planting trees to make the environment look beauty. The club also looks


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